IHD Debt Collection in Germany and Worldwide

Our Tradition

The IHD Organisation for Credit Protection for Industry, Trade and Services has been working both in the collection and as a credit agency of trade information since 1915. Well-known businesses of industry, trade and service appreciate our unbureaucratic and efficient working method as well as our statement of costs. In addition to the classical methods of communication the IHD offers techniques of online collection which are highly modern and easy to apply. Furthermore we offer a control of collection that is also designed for your individual requirements (achieved by our own IT developing staff).

Large umbrella organizations recommend the cooperation with the IHD Kreditschutzverein e.V. and its subsidiary IHD Gesellschaft für Kredit- und Forderungsmanagement mbH to the groups under their care.

Profit as well from the advantages and competence of the association and take steps against the generally worsening payment behaviour. Many years of experience and the professional working method of the IHD provide you with help!

The Advantages at a Glance

  • miscellaneous ways to transfer instructions (internet, email, fax, post)
  • assay of your claims according to prospect of success
  • well-directed enquiry of your client's distribution of property and proportion of liability
  • access to economic databases
  • inquiry of addresses via a detective at favorable conditions
  • contacting your client telephonically or personally
  • automatic information about all important steps of proceedings
  • online query about the present state of proceedings
  • control of the collection is possible from your IT system (Webservices, SAP modules, individual solutions)
  • immediate relief of your division of reminding and release of in-house resources
  • a partner at home and abroad
  • central unwinding of all cases with a constant rate of success

Our System

You can assign IHD Inkasso with the collection at any time. The debtor receives an extrajudicial pre-collection letter from us. By the telephonic approach we achieve a high extrajudicial agreement which doesn't carry any further costs for you. A visit of one of our qualified sales representatives at the debtor's doorstep is also possible. If the debtor keeps staying defaulted legal dunning proceedings are initiated and handled by our partner in our office. Titled claims are supervised by us.

Collection Order

You place an order with us to collect the overdue claim. You can do this either online, per e-mail, per post or per fax. We check your claims according to prospect of success and investigate your client's distribution of property and proportion of liability.

We approach your client telephonically or personally. Your client is dunned extra-judicially for a last time and is required to pay. If the debtor doesn't react on this procedure, the legal dunning proceedings are initiated and treated by our lawyer. As a general rule this procedure takes place within a respite of 14 days.


Your division of reminding is released immediately which gives you the opportunity to unleash internal resources. Due to the central unwinding of all cases of collection we guarantee a constant rate of success.

If your client nevertheless won't pay we reduce your risk of costs by the help of a lump sum. You are informed about all important steps of proceedings without any inquiry.

Every data about the on-going procedure is accessible for you at any time on our website.

Our Conditions

In the case of success, as a general rule, the debtor bears the costs of the proceedings. We recommend a one-on-one interview with one of our qualified sales representatives, who consider your individual requirements.

IT Integration

Web Access

Our web pages are easy to use without the need of expensive training. IHD Online offers all the functions you need to keep on track of things. All you need is an internet connection and a common web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.)

SAP® Add-On, XML Webservices

Depending on your IT infrastructure, you may prefer another way to get connected to our services that doesn't require switching from your business software to a web browser. If so, you should have a look on our interfaces which will directly exchange data with your system.

Due to the integration of IHD services into your system, your employees will work in an IT field which is familiar to them. We provide a multitude of solutions such as SAP R/3® integration by the IHDsprint SAP add-on, XML data transfer via IHD Connect webservices, and many others. If neccessary, our IT staff finds an individual solution for your company.

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