Automatic Supervision of Debtors (AÜ) – the Permanent Check of Creditworthiness

AÜ at a Glance

  • deposition of your clients' names and addresses
  • determination of the period of the supervision
  • data-based evaluation of your customers' attitude of payment
  • permanent supervision
  • daily adjustment
  • immediate notification
  • control out of your IT system (also SAP)
  • supervision of clients in Germany and Austria

What Is the Automatic Supervision of Debtors (AÜ)?

While our business information products inform you about your clients' present ability to pay, the automatic supervision of debtors is also concerned about the future progression of your client / supplier. You have got a lot of clients or important suppliers, which you have only checked right at the beginning of your business connection but never again. Therefore your contemporary knowledge is limited to your individual relation to your clients or suppliers. Due to the automatic supervision of debtors, you enjoy the advantage of being informed about explosive negative changes of your business partners by a neutral company – the IHD Gesellschaft für Kredit- und Forderungsmanagement mbH – daily and in time.

Benefit from a crucial advance in knowledge which can protect you from bad debt losses!

If it comes to a negative conspicuous behaviour of your client / supplier within the bounds of a permanent supervision, an immediate automatic notification is carried out. Approximately 3000 changes in creditworthiness from various fields and businesses are assigned every day. Consequently, this data pool ensures you with the highest certitude possible to discover changes in your business associates' payment history.

As a peculiarity, we offer the "Pool in the pool", which means that you can exchange certain trade-specific or regional information within a defined sphere via us without the supplier of such information becoming known. Your data persist protected and are not accessible for others except you and us. Data transfer is carried out alternatively via email, IHD Online, IHD Connect XML interface, or SAP-integration.

Automatic Supervision of Debtors is available for your clients / suppliers from Germany and Austria.

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