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The IHD doesn't leave you in the dark. We supply you immediately with a concrete aid to decision-making as there is the possibility to have online access to already existing or potential clients.

To deliver or not to deliver?

Online, you have access to fully investigated company profiles as well as to negative data of various economic databases. You receive data online from IHD, Bürgel and Dun & Bradstreet - three of the four members of the association of German credit agencies (VdH). Further do we provide online data of the InFoScore group (private persons) as well as data of Eurogate/Buergel (foreign sector).

The IHD Business Information Portal is the gate to the world of economic databases. You can choose between a multiplicity of various forms of trade information. You only get (and only pay for) the scale of information you really need.

Information about Trade: IHD Handelsauskunft/Auslandsauskunft

The information about trade contains a fully investigated company profile and is accepted by every leading guaranty insurances.

You are given information* such as address, legal form of the company, data from commercial registers, responsible persons, subject of business, attitude of payment, balances, negative characteristics and limitation of credit. The indication of the highest credit recommended is supposed to be a decision support. The given creditworthiness supplies you at a glance with a rating of the requested business. Depending on the information provider the rating bases on a scale from 1 (very good) to 6 or it shows the calculated risk of insolvency as a percentage number (D&B).

You obtain free endorsements about changes over a period of up to one year.* The online-inquiry is worldwide accessible.

*availability of items of information and endorsements depend on information provider and type of report

Short Information: IHD Kurzauskunft

The short information is a packed form of the information about trade. It shows the major details of the information about trade's various elements. In fact, you can also find the credit limit and the index of creditworthiness, which are approved aides for your credit management. In the case of short information endorsements are not provided.

IHD CreditCheck

The CreditCheck enables you to a fast decision at a glance. The information content of the given information is further packed and doesn't contain endorsements either. If it comes to questions about the place of business you are always given the headquarters.

Information on Negative Solvency: IHD BoniCheck

This information comprehends – in each case including information about the amount (if known) and the point in time – directions to the default of payment or the dwindling assets of the corresponding firm or person. The negative data based on creditworthiness run from the final reminder due to default over attributes from the execution proceedings to dates about insolvency.

You have got online access to negative data from various sources .

Ensure yourself the decisive information advantage!

Information on Small Business: IHD PrivatPlus

The PrivatPlus report acts as a link between the information about trade and information about private individuals. PrivatPlus is the first choice to decrease your financial risk if you do business with small companies and salesmen.

With only one query you gain information from both the trade database and the database about private individuals. Thus, you don't need to know the legal form of the company/person you are going to check. PrivatPlus accesses data about the payment behaviour of 37,000,000 private individuals and 3,600,000 business companies.

The PrivatPlus report contains address validation (incl. corrections), negative reliability data, affiliated companies and risk evaluation in form of a score number and risk classification (green - yellow - red).

Private Information: IHD Privatauskunft

The private information includes data-based negative data of private persons in Germany. This information shows the inquired person including address and negative data – if available.

The inquiry via our partner infoscore includes an assay of the addresses as well as an assay of first name and surname.

Benefit from our knowledge – make only good business out of new business!

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